Go back in time on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of August 2024

Discover the famous tower Duguesclin by the lake surrounded by beautiful woodland.

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Our amazing Medieval festival returns in 2024!

Year of the Olympic Games where the whole world will have have their eyes on France, this major event will undoubtedly contribute to promoting our country and its great successes.

We bet that traditional, regional events like our Medieval Festival will also thrive because, yes, the dynamics, the welcome and the know-how comes from our small towns.

And the mix of local partners, volunteers, service providers and visitors has already proven that it can produce wonderful results!
The proof of this is in us receiving the tourism quality label that we received after the 2022 fete;
a great pride for all those who work to ensure the smooth running of this celebration!

In 2024, we will make a point of planning the shows to optimise time and space in order to allow maximum fluidity on the site by juggling security requirements and climatic conditions and keeping the family feel of our celebration, we hope to reach 10,000 visitors again in 2024.

The theme of 2024: “Ballets d’esclaffes” or “Ballets of laughter” We will be focused on laughter and FEASTING because above all the Medieval Festival is the best place to meet new people and try new things.

Iconic groups and new shows will take place throughout the festival for everyone’s enjoyment.
The highlight of this year will undoubtedly be the aerial ballet of 4 dancers around the Duguesclin Tower… a special moment where history and human performance become one.

Cavalry and dressage tournaments, nautical jousting tournaments, medieval electro concerts on Saturday evening and completely redesigned nights will be part of the celebration.

Another new feature for 2024: a little Olympic nod with 5 giant wooden games created especially for our fete: battles of strength, skill, speed, agility and technique will be required!

So on August 23, 24 and 25, 2024,
let’s celebrate and…Let’s party!!!!!!!!

Cyril Gourdon
President of the association

Watch a preview of the 2024 fete!

More than 400 volunteers, 50 nighttime extras, 200 artists, more than 50 craft demonstrators and creators to give you an unforgettable moment.
Equestrian jousting, aerobatics, water jousting, fire eaters, acrobats, aerial dances, comedy shows, storytelling, music… and two nighttime shows that you absolutely must experience!

Now, close your eyes and imagine an aerial ballet of amazing displays and physical feats on the wall of the Duguesclin Tower…
A unique show, entirely tailor-made for our great Medieval Festival 2024!

Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray, Bretagne, compagnie Tango Nomade, acrobaties aériennes

The highlights of the 2024 program!

Entertainment for young and old, numerous shows for the whole family: acrobats, water jousts, comedy shows, musical troupes, fire eaters and many others to discover!

More information soon!
We are working hard to finalise the amazing line-up for 2024!

A little History

The Duguesclin Tower

The Medieval Festival takes place around the Duguesclin Tower, the remains of a defensive complex dating from the end of the 13th century or the beginning of the 14th century. This castle was one of the most important fortresses in Brittany, a strategic location in the Duchy’s defense network.

The castle was dismantled in 1598. The ruins were razed in the 18th century. The keep remains today as the only evidence of the Château de Fougeray. It has been classified as a historic monument since 1913. The monument is made famous by the story of Bertrand Duguesclin, who came to Fougeray during the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453) and in the midst of the conflict over succession to the Duchy of Brittany.

In 1350, with his men, he conquered the castle by trickery, disguised as a lumberjack and took it back from the English Invaders. This event was among the first feats of arms of Bertrand Duguesclin, subsequently elevated to the rank of constable of France.

We owe the development of the park at the foot of the Tower (late 18th century) to the Malouin shipowner Locquet de Granville. Now owned by the Department of Ille-et-Vilaine, the arboretum brings together around thirty species, some of them bicentennial. It is an important monument steeped in history, this 7-hectare green setting has hosted the Medieval Festival for 15 years.