The ideal christmas present for all the family: Tickets for the mediaeval in Brittany!


If you are looking for an original Christmas present idea for all the family? How about tickets to the latest mediaeval festival in Grand-Fougeray. The festival takes place on the 24th and 25th of August 2024 in the forest around the historic tower Duguesclin.

An original Christmas gift focused on laughter and… the Olympic Games!

Focused this year on laughter and dance, the Grand-Fougeray Medieval Festival will also be in Olympic style with a unique activity in a nod to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Cyril Gourdon, president of the organising association, details the new features of this event which, every two years, delights young and old. So don’t forget to drop a note to Santa Claus, the ticket office is already open!

Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray, Bretagne, compagnie Tango Nomade, acrobaties aériennes
La compagnie bordelaise Tango Nomade a créé un spectacle spécialement pour la Médiévale de Grand-Fougeray : les acrobates aériens évolueront le long de la Tour Duguesclin.

What is the theme of the medieval Festival 2024 in Grand-Fougeray?

Cyril Gourdon: The theme is “The ballet of laughter”. The idea is to focus this edition on “natural” laughter. I really attach importance to the natural and simple side of laughter.

The term “ballet” refers in particular to the show by the Tango Nomade company, who come from Bordeaux. They have been working on a performance especially for us for four years! There will be four people hanging from ropes along the walls of the Duguesclin Tower. It will far exceed the showmanship of the last festival.

It will be a very spectacular synchronized show. One of the great highlights of this Medieval Festival of Grand-Fougeray.

Fête médiévale, compagnie Sembadelle, rire, humour, déambulation, théâtre de rue
La troupe Sembadelle, spécialisée dans le théâtre de rue à la fois historique et comique, sera présente à la Médiévale de Grand-Fougeray pour une édition 2024 sur le thème des "Ballets d'esclaffes". (crédit photo : Divine Comédie)

What will be the other highlights of this 2024 festival?

Cyril Gourdon: Above all, we selected performers that make you laugh, like Arthus and Sembadelle, who are renowned nationally. Sembadelle has notably been nominated as a favorite at festivals.

Another newcomer to the Medieval Festival is the Compagnie du Polisson, which will present a puppet show called “Voyage en absurdie”.(A Trip in absurdity)

The public are invited to participate in a medieval ball:

We will have a grand medieval ball on Saturday August 24 and Sunday August 25 in the afternoon, hosted by the Parisian troop La Carité de Guingamore, very renowned in the medievalist world. She’s will bring something extra to the festival.

An introduction to mediaeval dances will be offered to the public on the square in front of the Tower.

The Carité de Guingamore performers will host a mediaeval ball on Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the foot of the Duguesclin Tower.
Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray, Bretagne, compagnie Capalle, cavalerie, joutes équestres, chevaliers, spectacle de chevalerie.
La compagnie Capalle et ses joutes équestres fait partie des incontournables de la Médiévale de Grand-Fougeray (Ille-et-Vilaine), au même titre que les jongleurs de feu de Kanahi ou encore la compagnie Lance l'eau pour les joutes nautiques.

The essential performers return to Grand-Fougeray with new shows

Cyril Gourdon: We are also keeping our flagship performers, such as the Kanahi (new act) and Capalle (cavalry, knight jousting) This is one of the essential elements this year. Their mission this year: to make us laugh, to stick to the theme! So there will be some surprises in store….

Likewise, the Lance l’eau performance is adapting. This year, there will be a real water jousting tournament on the lake.

Among the returning performers, is Prima Nocta, they are putting on a large free mediaeval electro concert on Saturday evening.

We are going to move upmarket, it will be much punchier than the 2022. This concert will take place after the paid evening show and as part of several free shows from several bands and performers

A locally focused market for artisans and creators.

In terms of new products, the artisan market will expand significantly, with a particular emphasis on local producers and creators.

Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray, Bretagne, Nocturne, feu d'artifice, spectacle pyrotechnique, manoir et parc Notre-Dame
Un nouveau spectacle sera proposé dans le parc Notre-Dame pour la Nocturne de la Fête médiévale 2024 à Grand-Fougeray. Avec un soin tout particulier apporté aux jeux de lumières et au spectacle pyrotechnique.

Tell me what i can expect if Pay to see the saturday evening show?

Cyril Gourdon: It will be a brand new show, linked to the theme “Ballets of Laughter”. It is called “Bohème in Fulk Major” and was written by Étienne Garnier.

It is a story taking place in the last part of the Middle Ages and consisting of the traditional ingredients of a novel: the plot, which will highlight the setting of the show, the various characters drawn from all over the world. social standings of the time; and events, each more unexpected than the last, which should give rise to comical situations.

A storyteller will accompany the spectacular adventures of the riders, acrobats and other artists. Around sixty very talented performers will be involved. Jacques Raveleau, professional director, will deliver breathtaking and sensational entertainment.

Black magic, songs, flamenco, romance, aerobatics, carousels and wild jousting should delight young and old…

Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray, cracheur de feu, Tour Duguesclin, Bretagne
In addition to the fire eaters, the Grand-Fougeray Mediaeval Festival team will welcome the Olympic flame on June 1, 2024, during its passage through Ille-et-Vilaine, heading to Paris!

A link will also be made between the Medieval Festival and Paris 2024…

Cyril Gourdon: Yes, we will offer five giant medieval games – made by our team – spread across the site, to correspond to the five Olympic rings: it will be a real competition, with points to be accumulated on games of agility, strength, technical ability….

The best of each day will win a large prize. For example, there will be the sword of Excalibur emerging from the stone, archery

The Medieval Festival team are involved with the journey of the Olympic flame.

We are lucky that the department of Ille-et-Vilaine is to host the passage of the Olympic flame and that we have been selected to participate in the event. We will be in Saint-Just (20 minutes from Grand-Fougeray), where the flame will travel through on June 1, 2024, and a small mediaeval village will be recreated on site. We will offer our five giant mediaeval games there and people will be able to try them.

Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray (Ille-et-Vilaine), Bretagne, joutes nautiques médiévales, match Nantes Rennes
Sur l’eau, sur terre ou dans les airs : le spectacle est partout, lors de la Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray (Ille-et-Vilaine). Rendez-vous les 24 et 25 août 2024 !

What are the objectives for this 2024 Mediaeval Festival?

Cyril Gourdon: The objective is to once again reach 10,000 visitors; and if we surpass that number, we will be really happy! We are capable of doing it. The festival has achieved great notoriety and we offer different things every 2 years.

But we also don’t want to be on top of each other, like in some festivals. The idea is to evolve gently. The key is to keep the flame alive and the social bond that this celebration creates.

And to maintain this famous bond, what could be better than going there with family or friends, offering entry tickets as Christmas gifts?

See you at the foot of the tree!