Medieval nights 2024: a unique and spectacular show

Friday August 23 and Saturday August 24, 2024, the public of the Grand-Fougeray Medieval Festival will be able to discover the new night show, starting at nightfall. Etienne Garnier, the screenwriter of this spectacular show also directed by Jacques Raveleau, gives us details on its creation.
apprentissage danse flamenco pour la Nocturne médiévale de Grand-Fougeray
Enfants, jeunes filles et adultes de tous les âges ont suivi les conseils de Morgane Teffaine avec enthousiasme.

Volunteers from medieval nights trained in flamenco

Saturday morning February 10, 2024, Patronage hall in Grand-Fougeray. Etienne Garnier was the first to arrive at the meeting place of a group of mainly female volunteers. There are in fact around twenty of them coming forward for an introduction to flamenco dance, under the guidance of teacher and choreographer Morgane Teffaine (Cie Al Gope).

Why this internship? “The new show is called Bohème en Fulk major,” explains Etienne Garnier. “Fulk major”, to recall the etymology of the town of Grand-Fougeray. And the Bohemian side evoking the gypsy community which is at the heart of the story invented by the volunteer screenwriter of these medieval Nocturnes. Also a way to make the link with the 2024 theme of the event, “Ballets d’esclaffes”, centered on dance and laughter.

Scénariste du spectacle Bohème en Fulk majeur Etienne Garnier, homme de spectacle
Etienne Garnier a planché pendant plus d'un sur ce nouveau scénario intitulé "Bohème en Fulk majeur", pour les Nocturnes de la Fête médiévale de Grand-Fougeray 2024.

Love and action against the backdrop of an investigation in the Middle Ages

“I’ve been working on this new show for almost a year and a half,” says Etienne Garnier. With the idea this time of giving “priority to action, more than to dialogues”, he specifies.

The story takes place “at the end of the Middle Ages” and is based on the historical setting in which it is located: that of the chapel in the park of the Missionary Family of Notre-Dame, the religious community installed in the manor Duguesclin which also serves as a setting for medieval nightlife in Grand-Fougeray.

While a convoy of Bohemians arrived in town the day before, the crown of the child Jesus, a statue supposed to be in the chapel, suddenly disappears. “After an investigation led by the bailiff, a gypsy is accused of the theft,” continues the screenwriter. “His two nieces will then work to exonerate him. They will be helped by the builders of a construction site in progress at the entrance to the religious building.”

This will result in a romance between one of the gypsies and one of the builders, also faced with the hostility of the local lord, Rieux.

A professional singer to recruit

“The role of Lord Rieux will be played by the head of the Capalle cavalry company,” underlines Etienne Garnier. To create his fiction, he had to deal with the different companies hired for this show (and the parallel Medieval Festival). “And Capalle will have a big place there, with very different numbers from those of past years.”

The main female role, that of the gypsy in love, will be played by Anaïs, a volunteer who is both an actress and a singer. “We still need to recruit a professional singer for the role of the builder.” In addition to professional artists, 70 volunteer extras will bring this great show to life, complete with music, but also lasers and pyrotechnics.

A show performed with family, for families

While waiting for the start of rehearsals for the show scheduled for March with professional director Jacques Raveleau, other volunteers have been working since January to create the sets and costumes necessary for the story.

Little hands whose enthusiasm does not waver, edition after edition, and who pass on their passion for this Medieval Festival to their children. A show performed with families, for families!